Finding your inner glow..

In the depth of Winter I finally learned within me is a invincible summer

-Albert Camus

My client, Angelica, wanted to shoot in the middle of a forest-like location, so we headed to Forest Park in Queens, NY. It was the closest to a forest-like backdrop in New York.

I must've worn 3 layers of sweaters. However, Angelica, brought a spring vibe to her Photo Session.

Her hair was long and shiny, and her skin was glowing. Some may say it was a pregnancy glow, I say it's a beautiful combination of healthy habit and momma glow.

Remembering to stay hydrated and moisturized each time we leave home is extremely important to maintain a healthy glow. Mentally, waking up and starting your day thinking positive and productive thoughts will help with some of those inevitable Winter blues. Stay positive and know that you will be successful experience at whatever you do today,and will inspire, motivate and lead by example.




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